Sambandh started with, and is driven by my passion for design, crafts and traditions. The charm of handcrafted products has always held a special place in my heart, and I have always wanted to incorporate the crafts, with modern design.

My Indian roots have been influenced by Swedish culture after I met my husband Tom. Being inspired by nature, and the Swedish principle of 'Lagom', we've designed our clothes thoughtfully, with the basic principle that good design need not be complex. Embracing beauty in all forms, my motivation is to create timeless and cross-cultural designs that leave unforgettable impressions.

At Sambandh, we work closely with artisan communities from all over India, where every product spells distinct uniqueness of the people we work with. We aim to showcase these long standing crafts, and to take you on a fashion journey that has story, essence and legacy. Sustainability is also at the heart of what we do. Not just that our garments will last longer than your normal wear and tear clothes, but that we use all natural materials from silks, cottons, and linens.

Sambandh in Hindi stands for relationship while it means connection in Swedish. This aligns well with our dream to connect the wider world to the beautiful handicraft and talent that India can offer. In that regard, may our clothes bring you closer to yourself, and to the world.

With Love,